Snowy road
The UK is preparing for more ice and snow (REUTERS/Cathal McNaughton) Reuters

Severe weather warnings are in place across parts of the UK in anticipation of more ice and snow from the Siberian blast hitting the country.

Ice is expected to affect eastern parts of Britain particularly badly and could cause travel havoc on busy roads.

Early-morning temperatures plunged to as low as -12C in parts of the country, with the mercury struggling to climb above zero during the day.

Overnight temperatures will fall below zero again for the rest of the week.

"As temperatures drop sharply ice will form on untreated roads and pavements, specifically in those areas that still have a partially melted cover of snow," said the Met Office.

"The public should be aware that there could be some disruption to travel.

"In the far southeast of England an additional slight snowfall, up to about 1cm, is likely locally."

Europe has been in the grip of a big freeze, with temperatures as low as -32C in places such as Romania.

Scores of people died from hypothermia. Many of them were homeless.

Parts of Ukraine, Serbia and Bosnia have been cut off by heavy snow, trapping people in their homes.

It became so cold that even parts of the Black Sea froze over.