Kim Kardashian
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Wendy Williams has slammed Kim Kardashian over her NSFW photos, saying the TV personality is "desperately trying to stay in the spotlight".

Speaking on the latest episode of her talk show, Williams blamed Kanye West for his wife sharing racy snaps. She said West does not pay attention to Kim, with the rapper only engaging in "dribble and feeble conversation" with the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star.

Williams went on to mock West for not being a man of his home and allowing his wife to share racy photos of herself when she does not need to as the couple are making lots of money.

"Why are you still doing this?" Williams asked.

She said that it is not that Kim should not pose for racy photos because she is a mother.

"Forget the mother thing. You're a mother. A lot of people would say she's a mother. It's about, she doesn't have to do that anymore," Williams was quoted as saying by E! News.

She also said that Kim's racy photos "would be like Cardi B returning" to dance as a stripper.

She added, "There were a lot of racy pictures; we saw full boob ... sure she has a beautiful body, but so what. Between taking filtered selfies and the 25 hours it probably took to braid your hair that way."

Williams also talked about the comment Lindsay Lohan made on one of the photos of Kim. Lohan had said, "I'm confused," to which Kim had clapped back, saying, "You know what's confusing..... Your sudden foreign accent."

Williams defended Lohan, saying the actress does not have an accent. "Lindsay is back and ready to be on top," she added.

Kim has not responded to Williams' comments, but she has told haters, "Hi, can I get zero f**ks please, thanks."