West Bank
Clashes with the Israeli Defence Forces broke out in the West Bank village of Dura (Reuters)

A Palestinian teenager was killed by Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) during clashes in a village outside Hebron in the West Bank.

Muatazz Sharawnah, 19, was gunned down by an exploding or "dum-dum" bullet, doctors at Hebron public hospital told Ma'an news agency.

The governor of Hebron district, Kamel Hamid, said the deceased was shot and then run over by an Israeli jeep after throwing rocks at soldiers during clashes in the village of Dura.

"Sharawneh was killed though he did nothing wrong," Hamid told Palestinian radio. "We hold the occupation authorities responsible for what has happened and what might happen as a result."

The IDF said Sharawnah, a cadet at a Palestinian Authority military academy in Jericho, attempted to board a military vehicle and would not back off despite repeated warnings.

"Palestinians hurled stones at security forces, which responded with crowd-control measures," an IDF spokesperson said.

"Initial evidence suggests that one of the suspects began ascending one of the military vehicles. Security forces warned the suspect, and used riot dispersal means. Finally they had to respond with fire."

Israeli authorities increased security in the area and put up checkpoints.

The incident came within days of US Secretary of State John Kerry announcing that he had narrowed the gap between Israel and the Palestinians over peace talks that have been stalled since 2008.

"With a little more work, the start of final status negotiations could be within reach," Kerry said shortly before leaving Israel at the end of his fifth visit to the region since he replaced Hillary Clinton early this year.

Crucial to the talks was the issue of Jewish settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The Palestinians want the houser-building programme halted before sitting at the negotiating table.