Police in the West Midlands have warned motorists to beware of two men reportedly posing as police officers who tried to persuade a female motorist to get into their vehicle after stopping her. The silver National Crime Agency BMW-1 had flashing lights and had been stolen from an address in Solihull between 5-11 pm on Saturday (6 May).

The two men flagged down the female motorist and attempted to persuade her to get into their vehicle but she refused and contacted police. West Midland Police (WMP) warned other motorists to be alert.

Detective Chief Inspector Craig Underwood from Solihull Police said: "We are asking anyone who sees this vehicle to call us straight away. A police officer will always show their warrant card as proof of their identity, if this is not shown or you have any concerns then please call us on 101."

The BMW was later found undamaged in Kings Heath and police are examining CCTV. They said the vehicle had been spotted across the region from the time it was reported stolen and later found. Inquiries are continuing.

Dudley Council leader Paul Brothwood told the Express and Star: "The police have got enough on their plates as it is with their current budget cuts without having to chase idiots trying to act like they are police. Anyone who spots them needs to report it as soon as possible so they can be caught."

Impersonating a police officer is a serious offence in the UK, but instances are relatively rare. In February a man was arrested in the Norfolk village of Three Holes for adding flashing blue lights to his car. In 2011 a Birmingham man called James Wesson, 23, was jailed for six months after adding blue flashing lights to his car and pulling over a lone woman driver who had annoyed him.

Police car road
Police in Birmingham have warned motorists to beware of two fake policemen istock