Lego Spill
West Virginia highway shut down after a crate filled with Lego bricks fekk off the roof rack of a family’s car

A West Virginia highway was shut down over the weekend following an epic spill - of Lego bricks.

The unusual roadway obstruction resulted in the closure of one lane of the Interstate 79 near Clarksburg and led to major delays.

Eric McClain, a firefighter who helped with the clean-up, estimated that 3,000 to 5,000 Lego pieces covered the highway.

"A car was traveling on Interstate 79 when a container on top of the vehicle full of Legos fell off when a strap came loose," said McClain.

Mother Tiffany Lantz said she was to blame and apologised to drivers held up in traffic jams by the spill. She said that the toys belonged to her 11-year-old son who distraught by his loss.

"Those Legos were in totes strapped to the top [of the vehicle]," she wrote on the Facebook page for the local transport authority.

"They fell off when the strap came loose and he cried... it seemed like forever. I tried to recover as many as I could because I don't have the money to buy him any more."

"Sorry to anyone that got stuck in traffic," she added.

A number of Facebook users have offered to donate money to replace the bricks.