Dr. Ford's dangerous plan revealed in Westworld episode 7 as he unraveled his deepest secret to Theresa HBO

The layers of mysteries surrounding Westworld seem to never end, especially after the shocking revelation in episode 7 Trompe L'Oeil that shook the entire plot of the sci-fi drama. Dr. Robert Ford, the creator of the adult theme park and its population of human-like androids, is not a subtle man as he appears in the show.

Warning: Major spoilers beyond this point

In the episode, which aired on 13 November, the theme park remains clueless about the major malfunctions in some of the hosts, Charlotte, the executive director of the Delos Destinations board, threatens Theresa to sack her if she will not oblige to her plot to throw Dr. Ford out of the park.

They both blame fault in the coding of the androids that is helping them to have a grudge and react violently while avoiding the commands.

But little did they know that the park is created by Ford and he has a much deeper plan that none can penetrate without his command. Strangely, Bernard knows his secret place of work and guides Theresa to the room.

She sees the prototype of some of the old hosts and is shocked to learn that Bernard is a host, secretly created and working for Ford. But before she could act, Ford orders his secret host to kill the lady. Later he commands him to work on the new storyline.

The sudden twist has put fans on the edge of their seats and many are speculating that Ford is killing off the Westworld staff and replacing them with their lookalike host in order to deceive the park management which is plotting his impeachment.

But considering his high level of knowledge of the complex park, it is safe to imagine that Charlotte is playing with fire.

Speaking about the shocking plot twist, the show-runners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy revealed that Ford has a deeper game beyond everyone's imagination as he is withdrawing himself from humans.

"Ford, Tony Hopkins' character in the show, is a cypher. We've written him, Tony's played him beautifully in that direction throughout. We don't know what's motivating him. We don't know what his ultimate goal is. We do know that as he's spent more and more time in the park and become more and more withdrawn, he's become more and more self-selecting with his company. And he's also apparently built himself a right-hand man. None of that works if he doesn't treat Bernard with a measure of humanity," Nolan told Variety.

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