Emojis are an everyday part of our lives now with every new addition bringing a tiny bit of excitement. But, what if you could replace the smug face smiley with your own? You surely can now with Memoji.

What is Memoji?

It is an iOS app that uses artificial intelligence and cutting edge image-processing to naturally reshape and animate any image to reflect a specific feeling or emotion. Users can share their edited selfies in GIF, video, or image formats.

How to use it ?

Users can morph any selfie to reflect the emotion of a selected emoji. For instance, if someone is laughing so hard that tears roll down their eyes, the users can put his/her selfie and select the emoticon to get a result similar to the picture on the right shown above.

The image can be instantly adjusted and animated like sticker options in Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp.

Although such filters and morphed creations exist on Snapchat, this app allows you to alter your face's emotion just as it is depicted on the emoticon, giving it a real emoji feeling

Who are the creators?

The app has been created by Israel-based start-up Lightricks, which became well-known for its photo editing app Facetune and went on to launch Facetune 2.0.

Explaining why they decided to follow the emoji idea, Nir Pochter, chief marketing officer of Lightricks told Venture Beat, "Emojis have become a part of everyday conversation and guide the way we chat and share our emotions, but the overall reach and impact of this important technology is limited....People want more than to just send emojis, they want to be emojis."

Will it come to Android?

As of now the app is only available for iOS and no mention has been made by the creators of its Android version.