Wardrobe malfunctions are extremely embarrassing but not that uncommon at high-profile events. English fashion guru Susannah Constantine also suffered a similar incident, that too at a dinner with senior British royals.

Constantine was invited to a dinner party at Queen Elizabeth II's Windsor Castle in Norfolk several years ago when she was dating Viscount David Linley, son of the late Princess Margaret, the only sibling of the Queen. Constantine opted for a beautiful dress which her father had got her to wear on the occasion. She was seated between the Queen's husband Prince Philip and her youngest son Prince Edward at the dinner table, when she was left "mortified" by a terrible wardrobe disaster.

The journalist recalled the incident during an interview with BBC Radio's Woman's Hour on Monday, saying: "I didn't notice anything and Prince Philip turned towards me and kind of went towards my breasts. I thought, 'What the hell is he doing?' "

"And I realized that the straps had broken and my bosoms were on display to the entire room. A butler came along with a safety pin and recovered my modesty," she added.

It was the Duke of Edinburgh who had beckoned the butler to help Constantine. She added about the 99-year-old royal: "He was trying to help, absolutely."

The author, who also has a podcast called "My Wardrobe Malfunction" specifically for such fashion disasters in her life, previously opened up about the royal mishap in a blog.

"I was a flutter of nerves. At least I looked the part, I told myself. During the soup course, however, the right-hand strap of the dress gave way. I carried on talking, completely oblivious, until the second strap snapped too. Suddenly I was no longer talking but catastrophically exposed, and my boobs literally fell out on the table," she had written in the article titled "The Night I Flashed Prince Philip."

"Quick as a flash, Prince Philip raised his hand and a butler appeared with two safety pins on a silver tray. I've no idea how he moved so quickly. Had he witnessed similar fall-outs before? Quietly and efficiently, he fixed the straps to the back of the dress," she added in the blog.

The fashion guru still does not know if anyone other than Prince Philip had noticed the wardrobe mishap on the dinner table. She also said: The experience would be embarrassing enough at any dinner party, but the fact I was dining with senior Royals arguably makes it The Ultimate Wardrobe Malfunction."

Queen and Prince Philip
20 November 2017: The Queen and Prince Philip pose in the White Drawing Room at Windsor Castle against a platinum-textured backdrop, in celebration of their platinum wedding anniversary Matt Holyoak/CameraPress/Reuters