White Collar Season 6 premiere
White Collar Season 6 episode 2 airs today USA Network

White Collar Season 6 returns with its all new episode today, Thursday, November 13 at 9:00 pm on USA Network.

The episode is titled, Return To Sender, where Agent Peter plays Neal's father for some undercover work and will feature the father-son duo in the most beautiful scene of the entire series.

The official synopsis reads:

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Previously, spoilers have revealed that Neal and Peter will pose as a father-son duo in the second episode, which will play a pivotal role in the duration of the series' ending episodes.

It is a fact that the running theme throughout the first five seasons has been Agent Burke (Tim DeKay) acting as a father figure to Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer).

Speaking to Zap2It about this undercover mission, creator Jeff Eastin said: "That's definitely the most common fan observation, that Peter is Neal's father figure."

Eastin continued: "We did that entire season with Neal's dad, and the parallel we were trying to draw there is he may have a biological father, but really Peter is the person who most shaped who Neal is now. Neal's always had a soul, but Peter really gave him the morality to go with that soul."