White Collar Season 6 premiere
White Collar season 6 pre-series finale episode airs tonight, 11 December (USA Network)

White Collar returns with its pre-series finale tonight, 11 December at 9pm on USA Network.

In the fifth episode, titled Whack a Mole, Neal will be forced to conduct a treacherous operation for the Pink Panthers on short notice.

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The official synopsis reads:

The FBI knows that the Panthers are going after the Federal Reserve – specifically, a shipment of international funds that can contain up to $500 million. But there's trouble afoot, as Woodford has discovered that there's a mole in the operation. Surprisingly, he doesn't suspect Neal, but rather tasks him with revealing their identity. Peter needs to convince Luc to pull Keller or risk the Panthers going underground again. And when the Panthers decide to use firepower on the Federal Reserve job, it's up to Neal to convince them he has a better plan.

Meanwhile, executive producer Jeff Eastin has promised that the series finale will feature quite a few storylines and character call-backs.

"My hope is that people who are real fans of the show, who've stuck with us this entire time, will not be disappointed," he told Tvline

Eastin also teased that Diana and Jones will "continue on and move up" in the last episode.

Check out how their journeys come to an end? In the remaining two episodes of White Collar?

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