Middle East relations, particularly those between Israel and Palestine are very difficult to manage, for most, the aim is to promote peace and harmony in the region, but it seems the Trump administration may have other ideas.

The White House issued a press release outlining some of the measures it wanted to take as Trump embarked on his trip to Israel.

This included points on Palestine, the Holy Land, and "lasting peach."

The typo which was meant to read 'lasting peace' was spotted by White House officials but quickly spread on social media.

The trip overall was a success, despite Trump inadvertently confirming Israel as the top-secret source for intelligence he had shared with Russia's foreign minister and US ambassador two weeks ago.

As well as footage emerging of Melania Trump swatting his hand away as they exited Air Force One.

Trump is currently setting off to his next destination, Rome, as he embarks on his first foreign tour as US president.

While in Italy he will visit the Vatican where he will meet Pope Francis.