"Lesser than us" and "you are my pets" are a few fragments from the rant of an unnamed man on the Central Line train directed towards a group of black men on Saturday, August 15. The white man's rant lasted for several minutes during which other passengers can be heard condemning his verbal tirade. He continued to rile up the group of men until they were seen getting off the train. However, just before the three men deboarded, one of them punched the racist man in the face, knocking him to the floor. The other passengers can be heard cheering when the man is apparently knocked unconscious.

Dressed in a blue T-shirt and beige shots, the racist man was caught on camera trying to instigate a fight with a group of Tube passengers. The videos shared on Instagram and Twitter capture moments from the verbal abuse directed at the strangers. Notably not wearing a mask, the man can be heard telling the men to "go back."

Racist white man knocked out with single punch on London Underground. The man abused black passengers:
Chanting “You’re lesser than us,” calling them “pets,” saying “It’s my home, you’re all going back” & “Shut up you (monkey?)”
then squared up to the boys as they got off train. pic.twitter.com/r1F94Ma7TK

— Ragged Trousered Philanderer (@RaggedTP) August 17, 2020

He continued to shout that the country was his home and the men knew that they would be forced to leave it. When he was asked his name, he claimed his name is "Billy Steel." However, there is no source verifying the information. He then asked the men for their names and when they answered, he said "you are black."

A person recording the incident and another passenger tried to intervene but the man continued his racist rant. During the video, he can be heard telling the men that they are his "pets."

The actions of the man were clearly to instigate the group of passengers. He kept gesturing at them to attack him. When he is told that he is being recorded and the video will go on the internet, he seems pleased with it. He states that his video will break the internet.

As the train pulled into Bank station, the three men were seen getting up to deboard. The racist man is seen squaring up to them with a clenched fist. Finally, one of the three black men punched him straight in the face, knocking him to the floor. Passengers can be heard cheering as the men get off.

According to Daily Mail, some passengers helped the man while others insisted that they should not be helping a racist. He was knocked unconscious for a bit before finally coming to.

British Transport Police spokesperson stated that they were aware of the videos as well as the incident. Any member of the public with relevant information has been urged to contact BTP by texting 61016 or calling 0800 40 50 40 quoting reference 167 of 16/08/20

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Racist man gets knocked out after rant on Tube. (representational image) Darrin Zammit Lupi/Reuters