A spy
Curiously, one of the required skills for applicants, according to the job description, involves applicants’ ability to 'climb poles or radio towers' iStock

Are you a tech nerd and a good climber? Do you like the idea of living on an island in hot, humid weather? If the answers to these questions are a resounding yes, then this US government job might just be the one for you. The US embassy in Thailand is currently looking to hire spy tech nerds to assist DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) agents.

According to a recently posted job listing, the US government wants to hire a "narcotics investigator" with very specific skills set which include, an engineering degree, five years of experience in designing, using and installing "vehicle surveillance, disabling devices with internet or cellular monitoring, internet based surveillance camera concealments, and technical investigative equipment".

Curiously, one of the required skills for applicants, according to the job description, involves applicants' ability to "climb poles or radio towers". The job involves working in a supportive role with the DEA and will require wannabe spies to develop, maintain and manage "state of the art technical surveillance equipment and tracking devices".

Motherboard reports that the job could also require prospective spy tech experts to carry a gun. It remains unclear as to why the US embassy would put out such blatant information, which reports speculate, may cause some ire among Thai officials.

Meanwhile, it has become increasingly challenging for the US government to hire and retain its skilled spies. The NSA recently underwent a significant talent exodus as relations between the intelligence community and President Donald Trump became strained.

Gizmodo reported that the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), which is in charge of providing America's military and intelligence communities with an eye in the sky, thanks to its spy satellites, has also been unable to fill over 80 positions, such as HR specialists and sign language interpreters, because of Trump's federal hiring freeze.

However, the US embassy in Thailand's job listing indicates that positions are available for hopeful future spies, provided they are willing to relocate to the balmy beaches of Thailand.