Star Wars Rebels season 2
Sarah Michelle Gellar as Seventh Sister Inquisitor DisneyXD

The Seventh Sister Inquisitor sent by Lord Darth Vader will try to crush the Rebels team in the upcoming episode of Star Wars Rebels season 2. Episode 3 is titled, Always Two There Are, which will air this Wednesday, 28 October at 9.30pm on Disney XD.

The official synopsis reads as follows:

Ezra, Sabine, Zeb and Chopper travel to an abandoned medical station on a supply mission. Ezra's worst fears are realized when he deduces that the masked menace before him is a new Inquisitor. Realizing they are overmatched, Ezra and Sabine flee from their adversary hoping to locate Zeb and Chopper, only to find another lightsaber-wielding entity blocking their escape.

Click here to watch the episode via live stream. You can also watch the episode online on the Disney website. A new promo shows Ezra receiving garbled transmission from Chopper asking for help. "It sounded like Chopper said he needed help" Ezra says. Sabine replies that they should get back to the command centre, while Ezra points to a shorter route.

Star Wars Rebels
Seventh Sister Inquisitor with Ezra on Star Wars Rebels season 2 DisneyXD

While Ezra leads Sabine and Zeb back to the command centre through the ventilation shafts, Zeb falls behind due to his bulky frame. Once Ezra and Sabine reach the corridors, they see something moving in the shadows, a probe droid and cybernetic-like figure. "What is that?" wonders Ezra. Sabine says, "It looks like a probe driod." The person aka Seventh Sister Inquisitor emerges from the shadows and says, "My pet told me you are here. I have been searching for you for some time." A shocked Ezra mumbles, "A bounty hunter?" as the Inquisitor unsheathes a ruby-blade lightsaber and says, "Guess again."

Another promo shows Ezra and the new Inquisitor in a lightsaber battle. As the new Jedi is outmatched by Seventh Sister, he decides to make a run for it, but encounters another scary-looking Inquisitor waiting for them.