A wife has been arrested after her husband's decomposing body was discovered after being eaten by his dogs inside the mobile home they shared.

Jennifer Denton was apprehended by police on 28 November and is now facing possible homicide charges after her husband's decaying body was discovered in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

The body of partially blind Wade Denton was discovered on 19 November, alongside the dead bodies of his two dogs at a home in the 4100 block of E. 19th Ave.

Court records say that the body showed "several months of decay" and had been partially consumed by one, or both, of the dogs.

The Stillwater News Press reported that the 49-year-old's body had a "dried, leather appearance" and that he was a diabetic.

His wife, 36-year-old Jennifer, was supposed to be taking care of Wade as he was declared completely blind in one eye and suffered 90-percent blindness in the other eye, according to the affidavit.

Wade had no mobile phone and could not navigate outside of his home because of his condition, the documents said.

Jennifer reportedly told investigators that she stopped living with Wade in spring of 2017, arranging for a friend to care for him.

The News Press reported that the court documents said that the "friend" had not heard from the couple in nearly three years.

It is alleged that Jennifer confessed to never contacting the friend or making any arrangements for her husband's care and that she had spent Wade's Social Security income to pay for her new boyfriend's mobile phone.

Jennifer's boyfriend was interviewed by police and stated they had been living out of her Ford since March this year and officers said they believe she last checked on Wade between March and July.

"As of this point, we have no (indication) of foul play from the medical examiner," investigator Rockford Brown of Payne County Sheriff's Office said, according to the News Press.

"There's no trauma to the body that they were able to determine ... we might be able to determine, at a later point, a more specific and official cause of death. But at this point, we don't know what it is.

"If we can prove, as the result of her neglecting him, he died as a result of that, it can potentially turn into a homicide."

As it stands, Denton faces charges of neglect by caretaker, financial exploitation of a disabled person by caretaker and animal cruelty.