Ari Nagel
The wife of a New York maths professor discovered he had impregnated 18 women by 'donating his sperm' for free Facebook

A New York man who donated his sperm to 18 women has a wife who isn't too happy this Father's Day. Ari Nagel's spouse of 10 years, and mother of his three children is fuming over last Sunday's revelation in New York Post that the CUNY professor has been donating sperm for nearly a decade, impregnating 18 women and siring 22 children.

After the new tabloid revelation today (19 June) that baby number 23 is on it's way, Roxanne told the Post: "I have nothing to say. What's done is done."

Nagel had been advertising his sperm on Craigslist, where women discovered his 'services' through donor sites and word of mouth. The usual costs can range anywhere from $300 to $4,000 but Nagel offers his services for free.

Once contacted, Nagel usually produces a generous donation in a menstrual cup in public restrooms, which the single or lesbian mother-to-be obtains and keeps inserted near her cervix for 12 hours.

Nagel, claimed his wife was aware he was procreating in his free time, but he said she did not support it. 'She always wanted me to be a regular, traditional spouse,' he told the paper.

He claimed his wife was aware he was a sperm donor in his free time but that his wife did not support it. Nagel alleged she became bothered when he started donating to all the other women. 'She was never happy about all these other kids, but she tolerated it,' he added.

Nagel told reporters that his marriage to Roxanne has not been romantic in years. The pair had been in a committed relationship when their son was born in 2004, and they married about a year after his birth. Nagel says that at one point it became a 'marriage of convenience' adding that he and his wife "sleep in separate bedrooms."

They 40-year-old says that he helps raise their 12-year-old son and two daughters, aged 2 and 5.

Since the report in the New York Post on Sunday, Nagel said his inbox has been flooded with appeals from women desperate for his sperm, with numbers going into the hundreds. He tells the New York Post that he is being contacted by women "all over the world, places I never heard of. Almost all of them want to have a baby, but some want to hook up."