Katy Perry, who had to postpone her wedding to fiance Orlando Bloom due to coronavirus pandemic, has revealed that the lockdown will hamper her baby shower plans as well.

In a Facebook Live chat on Sunday, Katy Perry revealed to her fans that she is not sure if she would be able to hold a baby shower amidst the COVID-19 crisis.

The Grammy-winner, who is expecting her first child, a girl, said: "I know not everyone does a babymoon or a baby shower, but I'm not sure I'm gonna be able to do any of that."

"I'm just taking it one day at a time. But I'll be grateful. I mean, I'm grateful now, but there's a lot going on," the 35-year-old added.

The pop-star had earlier revealed that dealing with her pregnancy amid the pandemic has proven difficult, as it also requires her to suppress her cravings. During a remote episode of the American Idol, Perry told her fellow judges: "When I look back at this time, it will be a time I never forget. My first pregnancy, in a pandemic, having cravings that I can't necessarily fill if I want to."

Perry was also reportedly planning to tie the knot with the "Pirates of the Caribbean" actor in Japan later this year but postponed the destination wedding to next year due to the pandemic.

However, the singer remains grateful amid the COVID-19 crisis and self-isolation. She said in Facebook Live: "Some days, you know, you lose perspective. Like, I was showering, and I was like, 'Gotta be grateful, gotta be grateful, no matter what you're going through you gotta be grateful.' I know that there's probably a lot of people going through a lot of intense things right now."

The "Roar" hitmaker also revealed that she listens to Bob Marley when she finds it difficult to deal with the situation. "When I'm really depressed, I put on Bob Marley, because it's just such a cool vibe and so effortlessly positive. So I just turn it up super loud in the house and for some reason that makes me feel good," she added.

Katy Perry selfie Sydney
30 June 2017: Katy Perry takes a selfie with fans during an appearance at a department store during her visit to Sydney, Australia Joel Carrett/Reuters

The singer again got creative to judge the second week of "American Idol" remotely Sunday. The singer transformed herself into a toilet paper roll.

This is after her first remote appearance in last week's episode of the reality show in which she dressed up as a bottle of hand sanitiser.