Westworld season one ended on a complicated cliff-hanger giving way to the second season. But due to its tricky storytelling, showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy announced that fans have to wait more than a year for season 2.

Almost a year after the finale of season 1, fans are still waiting for an official word either from HBO or the creators about the sci-fi thriller's return date. Answering a similar fan query, Evan Rachel Wood, who played the android Dolores/ Wyatt in season one, has only written "spring 2018."

However, she restrained from giving an exact date for the show's premiere and this has led many to speculate that Westworld may return anywhere between March to May 2018. For HBO, April is usually allotted for Game of Thrones but due to the massive production details last year the fantasy blockbuster returned in July and the final season of the series is supposed to hit only in late 2018.

Chances are high that HBO may allow Westworld to headline the April-May Sunday primetime slot. However, these are just assumptions until the network officially declares a date for the second season. But the delay in filming may take a toll on that scheduled plans considering the season 2 filming of the sci-fi show is temporarily suspended after a recurring actor suffered a medical emergency.

Speaking about the experience of filming the hugely popular show co-creator and executive producer Jonathan Nolan said: "As long as I can remember, film has been a part of my life. It was especially important for this project because of the other films we were trying to evoke."

Nolan recalls filming at the in-park scenes with Wood's character Dolores and says: "You have what looks like someone took the alps and stapled them to Monument Valley. Just everywhere you pointed that camera, it's a place of stunning beauty, and again, everyone felt it. We'd flown our crew and the cast out from L.A., and they all found themselves pinching themselves, saying, 'This can't possibly be real.'"