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Users can still listen to FM via third-party apps from Windows Store Microsoft

A Microsoft insider has confirmed that the built-in FM Radio app for Windows 10 Mobile has been discontinued. The app will no longer be available on the Windows Store or any future OS versions going forward.

In the Windows 10 Mobile preview build 14322 released to insiders in mid-April the app had been missing. Some users even reported this and it was thought to be some kind of a bug being faced by select users. But in response to a question about the app on Twitter on 29 April which was only recently noticed, a member of Microsoft's insider team confirmed the app had indeed been done away with.

There is no clarity as to why Microsoft may have decided to remove the native Windows FM app altogether. One reason may be it did not garner too much usage when compared to other third party radio apps, many of which feature pod casts as well as live streaming music apps like Spotify.

Windows Mobile devices, mainly the budget ones which have an in-built radio receiver in their phones, will not really be affected. Microsoft has been planning for a while now to move from budget and mid-range models in mobile phones to flagship ones. Most flagships have been giving the FM radio a miss on their models and in all likelihood Microsoft decided to follow them.

The next anticipated flagship from Microsoft is the much talked about Surface phone which has been in the works for some years now but there is no clarity on its release date. To see what features to expect from the phone, click here.