Residents in Washington, DC headed outdoors on Sunday 24 January to have some fun in the snow, after staying indoors for two days due to a massive snowstorm that pummelled the US East Coast. Many people gathered at a square in the US capital to take part in a snowball fight.

There was lots of laughter as participants hurled snowballs at each other. "I've never been to like a citywide snowball fight, and this is fantastic. I'm absolutely loving it," said one participant. "It's so cool out here with all the people. It's like a really fun time after staying inside for several days," said another participant.

At the National Mall, some people made a pavement into their own cross country skiing trail, while another man was seen kitesurfing in the snow. Despite the fun, the snow has brought many inconveniences. The public transport system will resume limited rail and bus services on Monday 25 January, while some government offices and schools will be closed. Snow removal operations have been in full swing across the city as people began to clear away the snow in order to prepare for the coming week.