Storm Jonas
Storm Jonas has caused travel chaos across the US and is bringing floods to the UK Getty

Airports in the US have continued to report flight cancellations in the aftermath of Storm Jonas. Philadelphia, Baltimore/Washington International, Regan National, Washington Dulles International and Charlotte/Douglas International were all reporting mass cancellations on 25 January, according to UK Flight Aware.

The lack of flights into, or out of, affected airports has spelt delays and cancellations in the UK too, where more than 45 flights to the US East Coast were cancelled over the weekend, and flights to Washington from London remained grounded today.

More than 10,200 flights were cancelled in America over the weekend, UK Flight Aware indicated, while there have already been a total of 1,233 cancellations within, into or from the US on 25 January.

At least 28 people were killed in the storm, which brought white-out blizzard conditions, and record snowfall to cities including New York and Washington.

Among the deaths were three people killed shovelling snow in Queens and Staten Island and a teenager hit by a truck while sledding in Ohio.

Much of the East Coast is set to remain coated in snow today, with the US National Weather Service issuing special warnings for drivers about the potential for black ice on the roads.

Storm Jonas' impact on the UK will not stop at flight cancellations, with severe weather set to drift over to the UK this week – although not bringing the two-feet snow dumps seen in the States.

Instead, already flood-hit areas of the UK will face heavy rainfall, as Storm Jonas – renamed Storm Gertrude in the UK – has caused the UK Met Office to issue a severe weather warning for 26 - 27 January. Areas expected to be hit by Storm Gertrude include parts of Wales, north-west and south-west England.