Video footage has emerged which shows the moment a lone police officer, armed with just a baton, managed to hold off a horde of people trying to gatecrash the 2015 Wireless Festival in London.

The footage, posted to YouTube by user BarryBanter, shows the police officer rush over to the scene as dozens of people try to storm into the festival by either climbing over the fence or trying to batter through the security perimeter.

Producing his metal baton and warding the group back, he manages to single-handedly hold off the crowd before security guards step in to help out.

The incident took place at about 6pm on Saturday 4 July, when rapper Childish Bambino was performing on stage at the three day festival in London's Finsbury Park. Headliners at this year's festival included Drake, David Guetta and Nicki Minaj.

Lynne Owens, the chief constable of Surrey Police, took to Twitter to praise the actions of the officer.

"Shocking footage #Wireless. As ever, officers run towards trouble, even when alone," she said.

A London police sergeant, Richard Bern, also tweeted: "Just by being there, this officer likely prevented a GBH. Putting the safety of others before his own."

Another video has also been released showing people successfully gatecrash Lethal Bizzle's performance at Wireless on 3 July, raising questions over the level of security at the festival.