Fans have been waiting for "The Wolf Among Us 2" for quite a while now considering that the first game ended in 2014. Understandably, the upcoming title is one of the most highly anticipated games for 2023 and is considered one of the biggest releases next year.

What is 'The Wolf Among Us 2'?

"The Wolf Among Us 2" is an upcoming episodic graphic adventure game that is a sequel to the 2013 game "The Wolf Among Us." It is currently being developed by Telltale Games alongside AdHoc Studio.

'The Wolf Among Us 2' release date, platforms

At the moment, Telltale has not yet announced a specific "The Wolf Among Us 2" release date. However, the developer already confirmed a release window and stated it is coming out in 2023.

The title will be released for multiple gaming platforms. These include the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Those who haven't played the original will still enjoy 'The Wolf Among Us 2'

While "The Wolf Among Us 2" is a sequel, it will still be understandable for people new to the series who have not played the original game.

"We strive to design our narratives so they can stand on their own," Telltale CEO Jamie Ottilie said, according to IGN SoutheastAsia. "We think the opening of the first episode sets things up in such a way that the player understands how the characters got where they are now."

'The Wolf Among Us 2' story

The Fables comic book series by Bill Willingham serves as the inspiration for The Wolf Among Us series. As canonical prequels, both games will take place around 20 years before the events of the comics. Both the first game and the upcoming sequels are set in the 1980s, according to TheGeek.

The sequel will follow the eerie events that happened in the original game. Now serving as vice mayor, Snow White has a job for Bigby, who'll likely resort to his usual brutal means to get it done.

The first game's ending left a few loose ends including Nerissa's true identity. However, Telltale Games have not yet revealed the plot of the sequel. The story of "The Wolf Among Us 2" will be spread out over a number of episodes, although it is not yet known how those episodes will be made available.