Wolfenstein The New Order
Bethesda Softworks

The latest game in the Nazi-hunting Wolfenstein video game series will be released in Germany - without a single reference to Nazism.

Wolfenstein has never before been released in the country due to the use of Nazis - often cartoonishly outrageous Nazis – as the game's antagonists.

This has always meant that games in the series include a lot of Nazi iconography, including uniforms, banners and insignia.

German law is very strict on the use of Nazi emblems or references in all its entertainment, but somehow developers MachineGames have managed to de-Nazi their title.

Pete Hines, the head of PR for Wolfenstein publisher Bethesda Softworks said: "In Germany, we've removed all Nazi symbols and references.

"Unlike films and other works of art, video games in Germany are forbidden to use such symbols and references as they are classified in Germany as toys and not media art."

In an interview with Gamespot last month he said Adolf Hitler's party "are called The Regime in Wolfenstein in Germany... it's completely stripped of all the constitutionally banned content."

Wolfenstein: The New Order is the ninth entry in a series which began in 1981 but achieved further popularity in 1992 with Wolfenstein 3D, the forefather of all first-person shooters.