Police constable Hughes was attacked by Leanne Perrett and Kyle Butts on June 20, 2020. The couple was arguing on the streets of Barry, South Wales when the officer was called to bring the situation under control. The interaction with the couple turned violent when the woman charged at her partner in front of the officer. Eventually, the officer had to use a taser on the woman to arrest her. Appearing in front of Cardiff Magistrates' Court the couple was found guilty for assaulting an emergency worker. The woman told the court that being tased led to her miscarriage.

The argument between Butts and Parrett was interrupted by Hughes after the police was informed of the public disturbance being caused by the couple. While talking to the 34-year-old man, the officer was approached by his 35-year-old partner. The aggressive woman reportedly charged at her partner, forcing the policeman to try and restrain her.

While resisting arrest,, Parrett reportedly punched the emergency worker. He was trying to handcuff her when Butts intervened at tried to attack the officer. Hughes was attacked by both the man and the woman. To bring the situation under control, he used his taser to knock the woman unconscious.

They appeared in front of Cardiff Magistrates' Court for the charge of assaulting an emergency worker which they pleaded guilty to. Prosecutor Louisa Campbell told the court that the couple had attacked the policeman and he was forced to use the taser. Tom Trobe, defending lawyer, told the court that the woman has sustained multiple injuries during the scuffle. He pointed out that the biggest injury to the woman who was three-months pregnant at the time was the loss of her child.

Even though there is no medical evidence to support the claim that the incident led to the miscarriage, the woman blames the officer for it. Outside the court she reportedly said that there was no need for her to be tased and it was the reason she miscarried days after the incident, Wales Online reported.

The court was also told that at the time of the incident, the couple was struggling with drug addictions. However, they are now on treatment programmes, Trobe told the court.

Sentencing the couple, District Judge Shoman Khan supported the actions of the officer. He told the couple that they would have to face the consequences of their actions. Butts received an eight-week suspended sentence and a nine-month drug rehabilitation order. Perrett was given a 16-week suspended sentence and ordered to do a thinking skills programme.

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Woman claims being tasered by officer led to her miscarriage. (representational image) Yellow Jacket