A woman in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu has been arrested for chopping off his husband's genitals following a quarrel over an alleged extramarital affair.

After committing the crime, the accused – Sarasu – put her husband's penis in her purse and boarded a bus to her parents' near the south Indian city of Vellore, but she was arrested before she could reach her destination. "We arrested the accused while she was on her way to her parents' house. She had the severed organ in her possession," a police inspector said.

He also said that Sarasu had taken the extreme step on Thursday (20 July) night after her husband fell asleep. Reports say the 30-year-old mother of four was married to Jegadeesan for 14 years. But they had been living separately for a few months now.

On Wednesday, the couple's eldest son, who had just turned 13, requested Sarasu to stay the night at Jegadeesan's place because it was his birthday.

However, an argument broke out between the two when the victim returned home drunk that night and told Sarasu that he would marry again because she had become old. His marriage plans led her to think that he was having an extramarital affair.

The heated argument lasted till midnight, M T Irudhayaraj, inspector of police, said. "At 3am, she took a knife from the kitchen and chopped off his organ when he was asleep and left the house," he said.

Sarasu left the house leaving Jegadeesan in pain with his severed organ, while the victim was taken to hospital in serious condition after neighbours heard him screaming.

Jagadeesan was later referred to the Government Vellore Medical College Hospital, where he underwent a surgery and according to the doctors is "out of danger" now.