Social media commentators have expressed their outrage after a woman dressed up as a refugee with a baby in a sling for Halloween. The image shows the woman wearing a pink kurta (long top) and headscarf with a baby tied around her body. It was posted online with the caption "refugee" by Abigail Dapron from South Africa.

Mail Online reports that a video was also published of the headscarf being secured to the woman's head, with Dapron writing: "Perks of having Saudi raised besties ;) #hijabmaster #weloveourrefugeefriends #jesuslovestherefugees #jesuswasarefugee."

The photograph, which appears to have been taken during the recent Halloween celebrations, has been widely shared on Twitter with commentators dubbing the image "insensitive and racist."

Tigme Ugen, president of The Tibetan National Congress, wrote: "Livid & appalled by the woman dressed as a #SyrianRefugee with a doll [baby] sling-wrapped as her #Halloween costume. Insensitive & racist."

Omar Ghabra added: "This woman thought it would be a good idea to be a Syrian refugee for #Halloween." Mariana wrote: "Who just wakes up one day and thinks "yeah I'm going to be a Syrian refugee for Halloween. Great idea! yeah!'

Summing up the over-riding sentiment Hanin Abu-Shamat tweeted: "Just saw a photo of a lady dressed up as a Syrian refugee for #Halloween... Some people's pain come across as entertaining to others! Sad..."