In yet another incident of rape reported in northern India, a 30-year-old woman was allegedly gangraped by four men while she was returning home with her husband and their three-month-old baby following a visit to a doctor.

The woman told police that the men raped her at gunpoint in front of her husband and threatened to kill her baby if she resisted.

The incident took place in Muzaffarnagar, a city in Uttar Pradesh state, but it was not clear when the incident happened.

"Four men dragged me to a sugarcane farm and raped me at gun-point. They threatened to kill my child, also tied and beat up my husband," the woman was quoted as telling ANI news agency.

Police said they have registered a case against the four accused and have also launched an investigation.

In her complaint, the victim said she and her husband had paid a visit to a pediatrician for her baby and were returning home on a motorbike when they were intercepted by a car. The four occupants in the car were carrying weapons, she said.

The men allegedly snatched the baby from the woman and beat up the man. They then dragged the woman to a nearby sugarcane farm where they tied the man to prevent him from intervening and then took turns in raping the woman.

They threatened to kill the baby who was crying throughout the ordeal, the news agency wrote.

The four accused abandoned the family at the farm and fled the scene, but the family's cries for help alerted nearby villagers who rushed to the scene and took them to a hospital.

Police said they were waiting for the woman's medical report to initiate further action.