A woman in Texas is facing criminal mischief charges after authorities say she became intoxicated and aggressive on a date and began destroying an expensive art collection.

While on a date with prominent Houston lawyer, Anthony Buzbee, 29-year-old Lindy Lou Layman allegedly caused $300,000 (£223,000) worth of damage to paintings and sculptures, including two Andy Warhol paintings.

According to prosecutors, Buzbee organised an Uber for Layman from his house after she became too drunk on their date.

Layman allegedly refused to leave and hid in the house. When Buzbee found her and called a second Uber, she became aggressive.

While yelling obscenities, Layman was alleged to have torn down and poured red wine over several paintings. She was also alleged to have thrown two sculptures worth $20,000 (£15,000) each, shattering both.

The Andy Warhol paintings were valued at $500,000 (£372,000) each, a report from the Associated Press said. Local CBS affliate KHOU reported that Buzbee has been at the centre of headlines before as a noted trial lawyer in the city. He once hosted US President Donald Trump at his home while he was still a candidate as part of a campaign fundraiser.

Buzbee also caused a local stir when he parked a fully functioning tank outside his home after buying the military vehicle which sparked a war of words with his homeowners association.