An Indian woman who immigrated to Australia to marry a Melbourne man was immediately forced into sex slavery, a court has heard.

Over six weeks in 2015, the woman was allegedly confined to her bedroom, only being allowed to other sections of the house to cook and clean. She was physically, verbally and sexually abused and was never allowed to leave the house.

"She was not allowed to step out of the house and instructed by her husband to remain in her bedroom unless she was cooking or cleaning for them," a statement from Melbourne Magistrates Court reads, according to

The woman was forced to live off a diet of bread and pickles. When she got sick for three days during the ordeal, the husband refused to take her to a doctor or give her medicine.

The husband has been charged with a Commonwealth offence of intentionally reducing his wive to a slave. The man cannot be named because it would reveal the identity of the woman.

He allegedly forced his wife to perform oral sex constantly and forbid her from getting a job. The man and his brother forced the woman to work as soon as she got off the plane. They also stopped her from buying an Australian SIM card to use in her mobile phone.

The man and his brother even demanded she contact her family in India and beg for money to be sent over.

After more than a month of suffering, the woman discovered an unlocked computer in the house and attempted to contact her sister. The brother-in-law discovered the woman's attempt and told her he could not wait to see what his brother would do when he found out.

The woman fled the house out of fear and managed to find a neighbour to help her. The trial is underway.