A 32-year-old man from Bridlington will spend the next nine years in jail after being found guilty of rape at Hull Crown Court.

On Friday (16 February), Steven McKenna denied the allegations and said he had consensual sex with the victim. But the court decided otherwise and he was found guilty of rape and sexual assault. CCTV footage showed that the victim was "semi-conscious" during the act and that she was struggling to stand up.

According to Metro, McKenna had met the woman at Apollo nightclub and stalked her to the harbour. McKenna showed no emotion during his sentencing.

The woman had reportedly suffered such severe emotional trauma from the incident that she could not sleep in her own bed for three weeks and had lost her job from poor attendance. "I feel this assault has changed me as a person," the victim said, according to a statement read by the prosecution.

"Every day I wake up and I'm nervous about going out of the house. I don't go out as much at all now. I always double-check the doors are locked."

McKenna was also accused of licking the victim's legs and spitting on her while she called the police from a phonebox.

Recorder Abdul Iqbal QC told McKenna in his ruling that: "These were shameless and cruel offences against a vulernable victim, on her own in an isolated location for your sexual gratification." He also told McKenna that the woman had suffered "substantial" psychological trauma.