A viral video that has emerged from India is that of a woman who took to Twitter to talk about her husband who is allegedly abusing and torturing her.

Mumbai resident, Amita Kaur can be seen in the video weeping and asking for "help and justice". The video has gone viral since Sunday (4 February).

"I have been 'tortured' both mentally and physically by my husband. He has been torturing me for several years. I have been in the relationship just for the betterment of my children. But this man refuses to do the needful for my living," the woman said.

She said that her husband, Gurpreet Singh had an extramarital affair and is also addicted to gambling..

The woman alleged that her husband electrocuted her and that the police took no action even after a complaint was registered.

According to the woman, "Senior Inspector, Jadav has been hand in glove with Gurpreet Singh".
She also said that her husband broke bottles on the floor and threatened to kill her.

She concluded the video by saying that she would end her life on the streets if she doesn't receive justice.

The police officials in response to the video told the Press Trust of India (PTI) that this is a case of domestic dispute.

"The couple has three children and stay in a duplex apartment in Khar. While the husband and two kids stay on the eleventh floor, the woman along with their daughter stay on the 12th floor," the officer said.

The police official also said that the woman had registered two cases against her husband, for housebreaking and criminal intimidation and that necessary action will be taken.

The video was also posted by filmmaker, Ashoke Pandit and the Mumbai police responded to the tweet saying that the deputy commissioner of police (DCP) is looking into the matter.