Vermont State Police found a grisly scene at a home in Bolton town, Vermont in the United States. Police responded to a murder report on Saturday, after a woman called in claiming she had killed her boyfriend in self-defense. 30-year-old Averil Beliveau was arrested for the murder of 45-year-old Cameron Faling at their Bolton Valley Resort apartment. Beliveau refuses murder charges even though she reported the death days after she killed Faling on Thursday.

At 7 am local time on Saturday, Beliveau called 911 and admitted to slitting the throat of her partner, causing his death. According to the suspect, she and her partner constantly argued about the cleanliness of their home, and his refusal to help her buy pot. She told the police that on the day of the incident, they were having a fight during which Faling started to choke her. Beliveau also admitted that she carried the knife behind her before fatally injuring Faling with it.

Investigators were informed by Beliveau that she knifed Faling on Thursday night around 9 pm, and by 11 pm he was dead. Beliveau left the body in the apartment. She went to her parents' home in Jericho where she changed her clothes. She returned home the same night and slept in the same room as Faling's body. She spent the rest of the next day with the body in the home.

Debunking the claims of self-defense, the investigative team stated that the only defensive wounds were on the victim's body. It was also discovered that the murder weapon was purchased by Beliveau weeks before the murder. Police claim that when they responded to the 911 call, they found Beliveau sipping tea in the blood-splattered apartment, WCAX reported.

Police indicated that Beliveau's mental health could make her dangerous to the public. Charged with second-degree murder, Beliveau is being held in police custody without bail.

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Woman slit partner's throat and reported his death days after the murder. Police handout