kara Wilkinson left reliant on treatment after lover gave her HIV
Kara Wilkinson left reliant on treatment after lover gave her HIV Reuters

A woman infected with the deadly HIV virus by her boyfriend who hid his condition from her has vowed: "I'll never forgive him for what he's done."

Kara Wilkinson, 42, has spoken out after Alan Mason, 45, was jailed for less than three years for grievous bodily harm for passing on the killer disease, which can be spread sexually.

The mother of three now relies on taking a handful of pills every day to stop the HIV from turning into fatal condition, AIDS. But although the drugs are effective, Wilkinson faces a litany of health problems as she ages with the disease.

"He's ruined my life," she told the Daily Mail.

"He's taken my life away. I won't ever forgive him for what he's done to me. What he's given me will never go away. I don't think I'll ever have another relationship - how could I ever trust another man? And, unlike Alan, I'd hate to put anyone else at risk from catching HIV."

Since being diagnosed in 2011, her weight has dropped, her appearance has altered and she suffers with fatigue. In 2012 she was forced to quit her job, and she also had a heart attack. Other hospital visits followed for pneumonia and recently she developed osteoporosis.

Wilkinson revealed the harrowing day she discovered her life had changed for ever, when callous Mason dropped the shattering news with a shrug of his shoulders, following a holiday.

"When I got home, I told Alan what the doctor had said. He just shrugged, but the next day, he told me he had something important to say," she recounted.

"He dropped the bombshell that he thought I was HIV positive, as he'd had the same symptoms for years before. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. My first thought was, "I'm going to die."'

"All he could tell me was he'd caught it after a one night stand with a girl and that he hadn't told me because he didn't want to lose me,' she said.

Mason admitted grievous bodily harm at Carlisle Crown Court, earlier this month. He was jailed for two years and eight months.

Wilkinson said: "He's given me a life sentence of misery."