Three lucky interns will discover "Wassup" nearly two decades after Budweiser's iconic advert went viral. World of Beer (WOB), a Florida-based chain of taverns with 77 locations across the country, is offering $12,000 (£8,330), travel expenses, food and accommodation as part of the deal for four months work.

Duties include: hitting the road to seek out the best craft beer – and drinking it, of course, (yes, locations do include breweries and beer festivals), finding the best bites to go with said beverage, travelling both nationally and overseas and reporting back on their experiences.

"We're inviting a team of interns to travel the world, hopping from brewery to brewery, WOB tavern to WOB tavern to explore beer for themselves and share their stories with WOB drinkers across the country," the company says on its website.

WOB is targeting those savvy with social media and "creative types like photographers, bloggers, videographers", as interns are expected to share hazy tales from their beer-filled nights at the tavern through blogs, vlogs and photographs on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Vine and Periscope.

A company representative said that the internship – which is being offered for the first time – was conjured up to reflect its global outlook. "Our mantra is 'drink it in,' and so 'drink it intern' was just a natural extension of what WOB stands for," Alyssa Ahern told Vice Munchies. Applicants must be 21-years-old and the deadline is 26 March.

After filling out an application form, beer aficionados are expected to share a one-minute video which shows their "passion and interest for the position". Four live interviews have already passed, but eager interns still have the opportunity to get their hands on the prize with more to come in Orlando, Arizona, Texas and Florida.

All we can say is: "True."