The 2014 World Pie Eating Championships have taken place in Wigan, United Kingdom.

Harry's Bar hosted the 22nd edition of the tournament, which saw people travel from across the region to see who can eat a local meat pie the quickest.

"The World Pie Eating competition is a competition we've held here at Harry's Bar for 22 years now," tournament organiser and "Pie Master" Tony Callaghan said.

"[We're] Very proud of it cause we're pie eaters in Wigan. It's just about who can eat a pie as quickly as possible. Dead simple," he added.

Local fitness instructor 37 year-old Barry Rigby beat Matt Backhouse in the final in a time of 46.2 seconds to claim his second title, having also won the event in 2009.

The competition stems from Wiganers being called 'humble pie eaters' ever since they broke a union strike with miners at the turn of the 20th century.