Pip oldest dog in the world Brentwood UK
Pip, 24, a terrier from Brentwood, Essex, might be the world's oldest dog. (Photo: Eastnews Press Agency) Eastnews Press Agency

A 24-and-a-half-year-old terrier-whippet cross named Pip, from Brentwood, Essex, is a candidate for the title of the world's oldest dog.

Pip's owner, Tiffany Dyer, believes her dog might be the world's oldest after the death of the previous title holder, a 26-year-old dog called Pusuke. from Japan.

The canine has packed a lot into her 170 dog years, from jumping through hoops of fire to sniffing out weapons.

Pip has performed for a display team more than 1,000 times and she still performs for the Essex Dog Display Team.

She also received royal attention when she was praised by the Queen after the Royal Tournament at Earls Court in 1997.

Pusuke Japan dog
Pusuke was the world's oldest living dog before his recent death at the age of 26 (182 in human years) in Japan. (Reuters) Reuters

Miss Dyer, 36, said it was wonderful to know that Pip is probably the oldest dog in the world, though she is more concerned about her pet's quality of life.

"She has the right amount of exercise and a very good diet, but she is a little old lady now so she needs her time to relax and does have problems with her eyesight and hearing," she told the Daily Mail.

It is doubtful whether Pip will officially make it into the record books, because she was taken on at the age of one, when she needed re-homing, and does not have a birth certificiate.

"I have looked and I cannot find an older dog, but because she is a rescue dog and we do not have the birth certificate, the Kennel Club and Guinness records will not recognise it," Miss Dyer was quoted as saying in This is Total Essex.

"She is certainly the oldest dog in the UK and maybe the world," she said.

"And I will continue to care for her for as long as she is happy in herself."

Pip and Owner Tiffany Dyer
Pip's owner, Tiffany Dyer, attributes her dog's longevity to a good diet and the right amount of exercise. (Photo: Eastnews Press Agency) Eastnews Press Agency