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Puske the world's oldest living dog passed away this week aged 26 (182 in human years!) at his home in Japan. In tribute to the long-living pooch we remember the old-timers of the Animal Kingdom.

The male crossbreed was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's oldest living dog.

His sad owner, 42-year-old housewife Yumiko Shinohara from Sakura, Tochigi Prefecture told the Mainichi Daily News Pusuke received lots of love and slept with her every night. Shinohara also told MSN India that he exercised daily, going for walks twice a day at morning and night, occasionally snacked and had two meals daily.

Pusuke died two years and eight months shy of the record for the oldest dog to have ever lived - a title held by Bluey, an Australian cattle dog who died in 1939 aged 29 years and five months.

Here is a tribute to some of the world's oldest animals, great and small. From the oldest Asian elephant to the oldest parrot that once belonged to a famous British prime minister, the history of some of the world's most remembered animals are reflected in pictures.

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