Always wanted to fly? Well, your dream could soon come true as an Australian invention that flew around the Statue of Liberty using a jetpack is now finally available for sale.

In November 2015, David Mayman made international news and set a new record for demonstrating that he was able to use a jet turbine-powered backpack to vertically take off and fly up to a height of 200ft, where he circled the Statue of Liberty on Staten Island.

Jetpack Aviation, co-founded by Mayman and award-winning inventor Nelson Tyler, claims that the jetpack invention is the world's only "true jetpack" because it looks and functions just like fictional descriptions of the device – a backpack with two turbine engines attached to it that propels the wearer into the air.

The JB-10 JetPack is powered by either diesel or kerosene and requires no licence to fly. In contrast, other jetpack inventions currently being developed require rocket fuel to work, are too big to really be called a jetpack, like the Martin Jetpack "personal jetpack" by New Zealand-based Martin Aircraft Company, which is powered by a V4 200 horsepower petrol engine controlling two ducted fans.

For the stunt in New York City, Mayman used a jetpack that was able to fly up to heights of 10,000ft at a speed of 100mph, and remain airborne for 10 minutes at a time. However, the JB-10 JetPack that Mayman now wants to commercialise has slightly lower capabilities – it can travel up to a maximum height of 1,000ft per minute, taking off vertically, and the device can still only stay in the air for a maximum of 10 minutes.

Jetpack Aviation has been working to develop the JB-10 JetPack for the last decade, and according to New Atlas, the device is finally ready to be sold to "well-qualified buyers" that have to be trained by the company. However, since no price has been released, it is safe to assume that the JB-10 JetPack is probably pretty expensive, so it is unlikely that the everyday person would be able to afford one.

But it seems that it's still early days for the JB-10 JetPack, as in early October, JetPack Aviation announced that it was seeking investment and hoping to raise £300,000 ($377,380) on the crowdfunding investment platform Seedrs. As of 11 November, the campaign has so far raised £36,459.

The funds will be used for further research and development into the JB-10 JetPack, as well as to help develop other vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft.

Jetpack Aviation says the JB-10 JetPack will be shipped in April or May 2017, but people who want to buy it must visit an electric tethered training facility being developed by the firm to train to use the jetpack, so they can be trusted to fly without hurting themselves or others.