Star Wars fans were out in force in Times Square on Thursday (May 23) for the unveiling of the largest Lego model in the world, a 43-feet-long (13.1 meter) X-wing Starfighter made up over 5 million bricks.

Lego unveiled the life-sized spaceship to promote a new Lego cartoon series called 'The Yoda Chronicles'.

With Star Wars music filling the square, the massive model rolled forward, smoke rising from beneath giant toy.

"We just unveiled the world's largest Lego model ever created right here in New York City's Times Square," said Lego's Director of Brand Relations, Michael McNally.

"We want to inspire the imaginations of kids around the world with an awesome Lego Star Wars model," he added.

According to Lego, the The Star Wars line is its most popular collection of toys.

Master builder Erik Varszegi, who was in charge of creating the 46,000 pound (20,000 kg) fighter, described what went into making the record-breaking creation.

"It's 5 million bricks in this, over 5 million, 5.3, I believe and we've been working on this project in concept for well over two years. The actual construction started a long time ago with the design phase, the steel structure, down to the model building. We've been 17,000 hours over the course of four months to put the whole thing together."

At its tallest the model stands 11 feet high, and has a 44-feet wingspan.

Lego says after thrilling the crowds in Times Square the Starfighter will be moved disassembled and shipped off to Legoland in California where it will be on display until the end of the year.

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