Russo-Baltique vodka
Danish police are investigating after the theft of a bottle of Russo-Baltique vodka claimed to be worth $1.3m (£960,000) was stolen. Cafe 33 / Instagram

A bottle of vodka adorned with diamonds, gold and silver that is said to be the most expensive in the world has been stolen from a bar in Denmark, it has been reported.

Danish police are investigating after a bottle of Russo-Baltique vodka claimed to be worth $1.3m (£960,000), disappeared from a bar in Copenhagen.

Cafe 33 bar owner Brian Ingberg said the bottle had featured in an episode of the political thriller House of Cards and was on loan to the bar.

Made from gold and silver and with a diamond encrusted cap the bar displays a collection of vodka bottles, Deutsche Welle reports.

The bottle was made by the Latvia-based Dartz Motor Company and was reportedly on loan to the Copenhagen bar which had a collection of vodkas on display.

Ingberg told broadcaster TV2 that "it has been part of my collection for six months, but not anymore" and has offered a reward for its safe return.

CCTV footage posted to Facebook showed a picture of an intruder grabbing the bottle and fleeing the bar early on Tuesday (2 January) morning.

The post read: "Help. Someone has last night been inside "with key" and stolen my vodka russo baltique vodka which is the world's most expensive vodka $ 1,3 mil.

"Reward is given to those who can help find it. There is only one bottle in the whole world."

HJÆLP ...har for første gang brug for hjælp ...Nogen har i nat været inde “med nøgle” og stjæle min vodka russo Baltique...

Posted by Vodkasamling / Vodkacollection on Tuesday, January 2, 2018

It is not clear if the thief broke into the bar or had a key, Danish police investigator Knud Hvass told the Associated Press (AP).

The art-deco-themed bottle features one of the classic car models of the defunct brand carved onto it beneath the inscription "Family Relique Vodka Russo-Baltique".

The front of the bottle is decorated with leather while the cap is shaped like a Russian imperial eagle and encrusted with diamonds.

Ingberg said the bottle was not insured and Dartz founder Leonard Yankelovich said to the BBC that he was hopeful he would get the bottle back.