We've all dreamt about being rich beyond our wildest dreams, haven't we?

Well this woman probably has too but she's living the dream for real. Her name is Gina Rinehart, she's an only child and a magnate in the mining industry. And with a fortune of some £18 billion (that's around £29bn Australian dollars) according to business magazine BRW she's the world's richest woman.

Australia's natural resources have come good for her because her wealth has boosted by nearly £11 billion this year alone. She inherited her father's mining business when he passed away back in 1992. Then the empire was valued at a mere £43.6million.

Ms Reinhart is locked in a battle with 3 of her kids who want to boot her out of the family trust over accusations of misconduct! While they fight amongst themselves apparently the youngest daughter is sticking with Mum. And I know which side of the fence I'd rather be on.