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Mangli Munda had to walk down the aisle with a stray dog her father found on the street.

A teenager from a remote village in India has been forced to marry a stray dog after her family become convinced it would rid her of a curse that plagued her life.

Mangli Munda, 18, from Jharkhand state said 'I do' to a dog that her father found on the street in the presence of members of the community.

Village elders claimed that after their union, the evil spell will transfer from her to the dog, called Sheru.

"I am not happy with this marriage," the young lady said of her bizarre nuptials.

"I am marrying a dog because the village elders believe that my evil spell will be passed on to the dog. After that is done, the man I will marry will have a long life."

For the wedding, Mangli - who has never been to school - wore a red, gold and white dress. She completed her outfit with a red and gold scarf over her head. Sheru arrived for the ceremony in a chauffeur-driven car and was pampered throughout the formal Hindu ceremony.

"We have to spend money on this wedding," Mangli's mother said. "That is the only way we can get rid of her bad luck and ensure the benevolence of the village."

Although Mangli must now take care of her new 'husband' for the next few months, she hasn't given up on finding true love with a human suitor.

"I will marry a man one day. It is the dream of every girl to marry a prince charming. So I am also waiting for my prince."

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