The world toe wrestling championships were contested in rural Derbyshire on Saturday (June 8).

The Bentley Brook Inn was once again the venue for those vying for the glittering prizes.

The sport began its modern history in 1976 and has been taking place annually since the mid-1990s.

Before competitors can enter the arena they have a hygiene check and then the knock-out duels commence until a winner is decided.

Toe wrestling is a bit like arm wrestling but with feet. There are two people in each bout and each is the best of three.

The contestants start by locking right toes, then left, then right again. There is a men's and a women's championship as mixed matches are not allowed.

"Toe wrestling is a sport the British are fantastic at that nobody else can do," nine-time champion Alan "Nasty" Nash said. "It's like arm-wrestling, but you just use your legs instead."

The sport requires concentration, strength and balance and is a surprisingly painful for contestants as well.

"Toe wrestling is another form of sport for individuals come from all over the country to compete. It's a minority sport, but quite a few people are very, very interested in it. Which any body can do if they've got a toe, a big toe of course," explained referee Dave Mellor.

In the women's draw Becca Beech successfully defended her title, while Alan Nash stole the show in the men's as he reclaimed his crown for a tenth time.

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