WWE 2K15
Wrestler Randy Orton in the game. 2K Games

2K Games has detailed the highly-anticipated career mode of forthcoming grapple-em-up WWE 2K15.

MyCareer mode will be based on the existing, celebrated career mode of 2K's NBA franchise.

The publisher has used a lot of its NBA series' development techniques in the new WWE game following 2K's acquisition of the license from THQ last year, including motion capture and facial-scanning.

A press release reads as follows...

Fans of WWE games have been clamouring for a comprehensive and detail career mode for some time, and this year seems more comprehensive than any for some time. The career progression is deeper than usual with WWE's recently-opened Performance Centre acting as a starting point rather than your created character simply waltzing onto TV.

WWE 2K15 will be released on 21 November.