While gamers from more than a dozen countries got a chance to pick up the Xbox One on Friday, Microsoft continues to offer updates and customer support to make sure that its next-gen console offers a solid gaming experience.

What is amazing is that the company has been paying close attention to customer feedback and is trying to give gamers what they are asking for. However, Xbox fans believe that there is more room for improvement.

Based on feedback from gamers, an Xbox user, 'Marcel - Pups x Reloaded,' has come out with a list of changes that would make Xbox One even better. The feedback came in the form of comments and posts from users on Reddit and a host of other communities. Check them out below.

Xbox One 5 Changes That Would Make The Console Even Better

Apart from these changes, here are a few other requests and ideas from gamers that we spotted on social forums.

Screenshot Feature

"Screen shot feature please, I would love to take snaps of tomb raider and ryse," said EcKuLz.

"I can't believe it's not already a thing considering we can straight up record 5 minutes of actual gameplay at any time," added psych 7111. "Xbox Screenshot" would work, and I think that the first option there in the suggestion list could include that Screenshot same button if you don't want to use a voice command."

Add equivalent to Sony Platinum Trophy

"Here is mine. Introduce an equivalent to Sony Platinum Trophy, 'Accolade' so we know we completed the base game," said ushae. "Maybe add rewards like gamerpics or backgrounds."

"I second that. Nothing is more annoying than having a 100% game taken away from me because of DLC!" added IproNiNjAI.