The Xbox One is due to appear in 29 more regions. Reuters

Given that Microsoft and Sony have been competing for supremacy in the console gaming space for over decade, you'd expect them to hate each other, right? However, it appears that Sony takes the competition very lightly.

In a display of strong sportsmanship, Sony welcomed the Xbox One to the Netherlands in a rather friendly tweet.

"Congratulations on the launch of the Xbox One in the Netherlands Xbox_NL!", said the company in a tweet, during the launch of Microsoft's next-gen console in the country yesterday.

According to GamingBolt, the Xbox One will be launching across 29 different regions in this month. "It has already launched in Netherlands yesterday and the PlayStation team tweeted a message welcoming the launch of Xbox One."

The Xbox One launched in 13 regions on 22 November 2013: eight years to the day after the release of its predecessor, the Xbox 360, which allowed Microsoft to become a giant in the gaming industry.

Twenty-four hours after the launch, Microsoft announced that the Xbox One had sold one million units, a feat which bested the 360's launch. However, its sales followed the same trajectory as the console's rival, the Sony's PS4.