Back in November 2013, Sony and Microsoft launched their respective next-gen gaming consoles, the PS4 and the Xbox One. Even though Sony's console has always had a strong lead over Microsoft's console in terms of sales numbers, the Xbox One is actually better than the PS4 in one aspect: Updates.

While Microsoft has been going out of its way to collect customer feedback and to act on it, Sony hasn't really done the same. A good example of this is the updates that both consoles received in July.

The Xbox One's July update brought some dynamic features including added Snap Mode for achievements, new languages for voice control, the ability to "like" Game DVR clips, feed items on SmartGlass and more.

On the other hand, the PS4 firmware update 1.74, which also rolled out during July, brought no new feature and simply "improves stability of some software", according to Sony.

In fact, Microsoft has paid careful attention to what its gamers want and has given them just that on many occasions. The company has rolled out eight solid updates till date, with each containing new features, including the ability to use external hard drives to manage game collection.

This was something gamers had been requesting for a long time and happens to be very useful considering console storage space is almost always way too low to store games.

Sony on the other hand has hardly added any features to the PS4 since its launch and has kept the vast majority of its updates minor.

"This is really starting to get annoying," said Reddit user DarkSlayer 224. "Xbox One has gotten like 8 major updates since launch and we've gotten 1... Please Sony, hurry up with MP3 support, DLNA and name changing!"

However, despite this, Sony's console still has strong sales numbers and is the top choice for most gamers who are looking to buy a next-gen console. But if Microsoft keeps this up, they're going to turn the Xbox One into something far more powerful when compared to the PS4.

Source: BGR