Xperia Z2 users can now enjoy the latest Android 5.1.1 update on their smartphone ahead of Sony's proposed Lollipop release for June/July, thanks to the release of Resurrection Remix custom ROM by industrious Android developers.

Resurrection Remix ROM
XDA Developers

As the Resurrection Remix ROM is based on CyanogenMod 12 ROM, it is purported to be the most desirable custom ROM that provides a fast and smooth Lollipop experience in a highly-stable release.

Check out the long-list of key Lollipop features ported into this ROM (below):

  • Navigation Bar
  • Enable/Disable Navbar
  • Navbar Ring Switch
  • Navbar Ring Targets
  • Navbar Button Customization
  • Navbar Dimensions(Potrait & Landscape)
  • Statusbar
  • Brightness Slider
  • Enable/Disable Show Notification Count
  • SuperUser Indicator Switch
  • Carrier Label
  • Carrier Label Switch
  • Carrier label Colour
  • Quick PullDown Switch
  • Smart Pulldown Switch
  • Clock Customizations
  • Time & date
  • Clock Colour
  • Day & date Toogle
  • Center Clock/Right Clock Choice
  • Battery
  • Battery Bar customization
  • Battery Icon Customization(circle/landscape/Potrait and more)
  • Battery % Text
  • Network Traffic Indicator
  • Theme Chooser
  • RR exclusive PITCH BLACK THEME
  • Animations
  • Toast Animations
  • ListView Animations
  • System Animations
  • Gestures
  • Gestures Anywhere Feature
  • App Circle Bar
  • Choose apps in App circle
  • Trigger Width
  • Trigger Hieght
  • Trigger Position
  • Recents Panel
  • Clear All button Switch
  • Clear All Tasks Switch
  • Clear All Button Location (Top right, Top Left, Top Center, Bottom Left, Bottom Right, Bottom Center)
  • Cclock Widget
  • CLock And Alarm Customizations
  • Weather Panel Customizations
  • Calender Events
  • LockScreen
  • Lockscreen Shortcuts
  • Choose upto 5 Shortcuts
  • 100+ Icons for Shortcuts
  • Quick Slider Shortcuts
  • Notification Drawer
  • Weather Display Switch
  • Quick Settings
  • Choice to Add 20+ Tiles
  • Enable 2/3/4 Tiles per Row
  • Enable Disable Brightness Slider in Notification Panel
  • Advanced Location Settings Switch (Choose Battery saving/Device Only/High
  • Accuracy Directly in Notification Panel)
  • LongPress Toogles to Enter Settings
  • Buttons
  • Backlight Timer
  • Backlight Strength
  • Navigation Bar left/Right handed mode Switch
  • Power Menu
  • Power Menu End Calls Switch
  • Home Button(For devices with HW keys Only)
  • Home Button Wake Up
  • Home Button answer call
  • Long Press Actions
  • Double Tap Actions
  • Back Button (For devices with HW keys Only)
  • Wake Up device Switch
  • Menu Button(For devices with HW keys Only)
  • Wake Up Device Switch
  • Short Press Action
  • Long Press Actions
  • Search Button(For devices with HW keys Only)
  • Wake Up Device
  • Short Press Action
  • Long Press Action
  • Volume Buttons
  • Wake Up Device
  • Playback Control
  • Keyboard Cursor Control
  • Swap Buttons on Landscape mode
  • Perfomance Profiles
  • LCD Density
  • Expanded Desktop Mode
  • All New CM Audio FX App
  • Heads Up Customizations
  • OverAll Smoothness Improvements
  • Quick Unlock
  • Optimizations to Improve Battery
  • ALL CM12 Features

Interested users can install the Android 5.1.1 based Resurrection Remix ROM on their Xperia Z2, using the step-by-step guide provided below.

Resurrection Remix ROM
XDA Developers

IBTimes UK reminds readers that it will not be held liable for any damage to device during or after the custom ROM installation. Users are advised to proceed at their own risk.


  • The instructions provided in this guide are limited to Sony Xperia Z2 and will not work with any other model. Verify your device model from Settings > About Phone/Tablet.
  • Ensure your device has at least 80% battery charge to avoid inadvertent shutdown during the installation process.
  • Make sure the correct USB drivers (download here) are installed for the device on the computer.
  • Enable USB debugging on your phone from Settings > Developer Options.

Downloads Required

Android 5.1.1 Resurrection Remix ROM for Xperia Z2 (aka Sirius)

Google Apps for Android 5.0 Lollipop

Steps to flash Android 5.1.1 Resurrection Remix ROM for Xperia Z2 (Sirius)

  1. Download Android 5.1.1 Resurrection Remix ROM and Google Apps for Xperia Z2. Note: you can further update Resurrection Remix ROM with new builds after installing this update by going to Settings > CyanogenMod Updates menu.
  2. Connect your phone to PC via USB cable and copy both zip files to your phone's internal storage without actually extracting the zip files.
  3. Disconnect the phone from the computer once the files are copied or skip this step if you directly downloaded the files to your phone.
  4. Turn off the Xperia Z2 and boot it into Custom Recovery Mode as follows: Power on the device while tapping Volume Up or Volume Down buttons a few times when the LED light turns pink or any other colour on your phone.
  5. Perform a NANDROID backup via CWM recovery by selecting "backup and restore" option or use Backup if running TWRP recovery. Save the backup file with a name and confirm the action.
  6. Once in CWM Recovery, perform a full data wipe by selecting wipe data/factory reset option. Use Power button to select options and Volume buttons to navigate up or down in Recovery Mode.
  7. Perform a cache wipe by selecting wipe cachepartition.
  8. Perform a dalvik cache wipe to prevent boot loops or any other errors. From CWM recovery, go to 'advanced' and then select wipe dalvik cache.
  9. Return to the main recovery screen and select "install zip from SD card".
  10. Now select choose zip from sdcard. Use volume keys to go to the Resurrection Remix ROM zip file that you copied earlier to your SD card and select it by pressing the Power button. Confirm the installation on the next screen and the installation procedure should begin.
  11. Google Apps: Repeat the previous step to install Gapps on your phone.
  12. Once the installation completes, go to "+++++Go Back+++++" and reboot the phone by selecting reboot system now from the recovery menu as show below.

Your Xperia Z2 device will reboot and it might take about five minutes for the first boot to complete. So, please do not interrupt the process.

Your phone should now be running Android 5.1.1 Lollipop via newly installed Resurrection Remix custom ROM. Go to Settings > About phone to verify the ROM installed.

[Source: XDA]