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Xposed Module fix for MobileRadioActive bug now available for Android 5.0 Lollipop amongtech

MobileRadioActive bug is the latest addition to the long list of inherent bugs and technical issues plaguing Android 5.0 Lollipop, ever since its release at the Google I/O 2014. The mobile radio active bug or call standby bug apparently triggers unwanted battery drain and performance issues, as the android system never goes to sleep even when mobile data usage is disabled.

Nevertheless, there is some good news for affected Lollipop users, as Senior XDA Developers' member, Jose Ferreira aka Bazoocaze, has released an Xposed Module fix after extensively investigating the battery drain issue. He reportedly concluded that the BatteryStats service was not receiving the radio power down notification, due to some coding error related to file, which refused to accept the radio power change notifications.

Here is the detailed problem description for the potential coding error linked to Network Management service in Android 5.0 Lollipop as cited by the XDA developer:

The problem is that in the notifyInterfaceClassActivity method is discarding the notifications of radio power change to the BatteryStats (via noteMobileRadioPowerState) if the from Radio parameter is false after it's being true some time before.

Even after a detailed analysis, it was unclear what is the real role of the fromRadio parameter. Changing it to true in the calling methods solved the issue in the testing unit (Sony Xperia ZL).

According to the XDA developer, the issue has already been fixed on the test unit of Sony Xperia ZL. Meanwhile, folks at Droid Views suggest that you can flash the modded CyanogenMod 12.1 ROM (codenamed for Xperia ZL to fix the radio-active bug.

Alternatively, affected Lollipop users can install a ready patch from Bazoocaze, which is released in the form of Xposed module for MobileRadioActive bug. The only hitch or prerequisite for installing this bugfix requires you to install Xposed Framework, before deploying the MobileRadioActive fix on your Android phone.

As the Xposed RadioActive module is still under development and testing with the Cyanogen Community, CynogenMod (CM) users can expect the fix to be rolled out as part of future updates via official nightly releases. Google is also expected to include this fix in its upcoming Android 6.0 Marshmallow update. However, those who cannot wait for its official release can go ahead and install the MobileRadioActiveFix Xposed Module using the download links below:

MobileRadioActiveFix Xposed Module

Modified Sony Xperia ZL CM 12.1 ROM